The Secret Charms of Oakland

…aren’t so secret any longer. Oakland is making headlines left and right, from New York and Boston to San Francisco and among our very own backyard blog scene. The Boston Globe says: “Leave your heart wherever, but eat in Oakland“, while VIA Magazine says: “Come for the food, stay for Oakland’s often overlooked charms“.

Enjoy 5 wonderful, walkable parts of the city {yep. that’s right, Oakland} — all packed with fun attractions. From the Exuberant art deco architecture of Uptown to Jack London Square, rich with history of its industrial past, it’s time to Discover Oakland.

Take a FREE Walking Tour of Oakland: 2012 Tour Dates will be released in April. From May to October, enjoy complimentary 90-minute walking tours through Oakland’s downtown districts: Old Oakland, City Center, Uptown to the Lake, Preservation Park, Oakland Chinatown, Jack London Waterfront and more!

VIA sums it all up with … discover what the natives are crooning about: a city center rich in history and architecture, a top-notch state museum, a vibrant Chinatown, a brand-new planetarium. Add in a Mediterranean clime and laid-back, real-folks attitude, and you have a city worth a visit—if not a show tune.

Featured Image from Flickr – Credit to smaddy
Postcard Published by Gilboy Agency, Oakland, California
Natural Color Postcard made in USA by E.C. Kropp Co, Milkwaukee, Wis.

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